What you see is What you get
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is a term that describes the concept of visualizing the end result while you are working. In the case of a site builder that simply means that you should see your page and be able to change things directly on the page. The site builder lets you edit text anywhere on the page and use the familiar word processing style tool bar for formatting text, inserting pictures that flow with the text and creating tables for items that need to line up.

What is truly different about the sitebuilder is the way it handles page layouts. Traditionally, web page layouts were done by creating complex tables which may have included tables within tables and spanning of rows and columns to get things positioned exactly where they are needed. This is a very cumbersome way to control layout and one that is best left to the experts. siteZen has a simple approach - just drag around page elements and the site builder will take care of building these complex table structures without user intervention.

Sitebuilder gives you two views of your page:

  • The Edit Text tab lets you edit the content of the elements. In this tab all of the elements are actually part of an "invisible table structure" so the page will flow as you add text. 
  • The Edit Layout tab lets you move elements around on the page. You can drag and drop them, size them and set properties such as decorations, background colors and borders.


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