Start with a Clean, Modern Templates

Each template has a variety of color themes which can be selected during the site creation phase and changed at any time. Templates also come with an assortment of over 20 different page layouts. Our new open template architecture lets you create your own templates or re-organize the stock templates.

...and Then Make It Your Own 

You can modify any part of your sites template to suit your needs if needed; You are not stuck with a one-size-fits-all design. The Sitebuilder page masters (templates) can be edited just like any other page. Changes will be immediately reflected in all pages based on the page master. This includes changing images, buttons, boxes, default text styles, default color schemes, menus, and so forth.

View the templates and Demo the SiteBuilder here!

One of the special challenges that users face when changing a site's colors are the graphics. Often, colorized images, buttons, boxes and other graphic elements must be painstakingly recolored using PhotoShop™. Yet, recoloring graphics is a non-starter for most users. siteZen's exclusive color-shifting technology can recolor graphics automatically or at the press of a button with no additional software or skill needed.



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