Optimize Web Sites for the Search Engines

There is no shortage of theories on optimizing a site for search. The four most important factors are:

1. Making sure that your site is search engine friendly. Since siteZen generates all of the HTML, doing this is easy. We even provide space for meta-tags such as descriptions and keywords.

2.  Write content that is relevant to the subject at hand. This means choosing keywords that you expect people to search on and using them frequently in the text of the web site. siteZen provides a handy keyword density analyzer to show how often words are used on any page. 

3. Submit sites to the important search engines in a format that they prefer. siteZen will automatically create Google Sitemaps which are becoming the standard for defining the pages in a site and making it easier for search engines to crawl a site and know when it is likely to be updated.

Make sure that other important sites link to your site. Having an attractive well constructed site is more likely to be considered by important sites for outbound links.


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