Automatic Navigation with Multiple Menu Levels
siteZen menus are truly automatic. Unlike other site builders, siteZen can employ graphic features into menus such as the ones you see in this site. An intuitive "Explorer" view of pages shows the navigation structure. This structure is automatically reflected in the menus and is instantly updated.

You control navigation by:

  • Renaming the page using the edit box at the top - the name change appears immediately in the menu.

  • Dragging pages to change the order in the menu Pages within folders are the second level of navigation and have a second level menu 

  • Moving pages in and out of folders automatically scales them to account for the second level menu 

With Zen Pro you can control the stylization of menus including:

  • "Stretchable" images for buttons 

  • Colors 

  • Fonts 

  • Different style for when the menu is the current page or hovered over. 

Zen Pro also allows for an infinite level of nesting of menus.



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