The Right Site Builder Makes a Difference

Drag and drop layout control makes for easy positioning of elements anywhere on the page without complicated table structures.

Create high impact headlines with 60 decorative fonts without having to resort to offline graphics programs.
Automatically generate photo albums. Upload images with our free desktop FTP transfer utility that scales images for fast uploading.

An SEO keyword density analyzer makes it easy to write search friendly copy.  Optimize search engine crawling with Google Sitemaps which are created each time the site is published.
High-quality image resampling delivers crisp logos and photos.  It speeds page loading by automatically scaling images.

Each of the 175 templates comes with multiple page layouts and color schemes.  Templates can be "swapped" even after publishing a site!  Our new open template architecture in 2.0 makes it possible to organize, modify or add templates.

Our fully automatic two level menu navigation is made simple by just dragging, dropping and renaming pages in a familiar folder.

Clients can accept credit cards within minutes using our full featured shopping carts, provided through Paypal™, Google Checkout™, 2Checkout™ and CartManager™. 

Advanced users can create active content with PHP and Javascript code that is inserted into web pages.


Google AdSense™ can be easily inserted into the site by just cutting and pasting code from Google.   In addition, Google site maps can be automatically generated.  Google Gadgets may be selected and automatically included in web sites.


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