Powerful Image Handling Capabilities
Images can be included in three ways with siteZen:
  • In Text - Inserted into text where they will flow along with the text.
  • In Boxes - Created as stand-alone elements that can be positioned anywhere in the layout.
  • As Albums - Uploaded in bulk or individually and stored independently from the web pages.  They are automatically included in "Photo Album" web pages, creating as many pages as needed to display all images.  Menus are also created to help the viewer navigate across photo albums and within albums. Captions can be created and a slide show is also available.

Today's digital cameras produce huge images that are very time consuming to upload and consume valuable disk space.  If left unprocessed they can cause customer sites to load slowly.  siteZen has a multi-faceted strategy to deal with this without requiring any effort or knowledge on the part of the user:

  1. First, we provide a simple desktop utility to upload batches of images directly from a digital camera directory.  The images are scaled to a reasonable size before uploading so they upload very quickly and conserve disk space on the server.
  2. We store images at a moderate resolution so that detail will be preserved no matter what size they end up being used on the web page.
  3. We resample images after they are dragged to the correct size.  This provides for very crisp images that are more detailed than simply applying size attributes to an image.

Consider these two images.... 

The fuzzy image to the left was dragged to a smaller size but without resampling. IE and Firefox don't resample and simply scale the image to fit.

The clear one on the right was created using siteZen which uses high-quality image resampling. Notice the smoothness and crispness of the image even at this small size.



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