One Shopping Cart - Multiple payment options

The site builer shopping cart allow for multiple payment options. Select from PayPal, 2checkout, Google Checkout and more.

These are the very same customers that low- to medium-level hosting accounts typically target with site builders. Fortunately, no-commitment processors are now more popular than ever, have competetive fees, and have very user-friendly security requirements. Each has its unique strengths:



Monthly Fees
Transaction Fees
 w/built-in Merchant Account
$10 + $15 Gateway
$0.20 + 2.29% ($15 minimum)
1 month
 + your own Merchant Account
$0 + Merchant
$10 + Merchant Account
Merchant Account's
1 month + Merchant Account
$0.30 + 2.9%
Google Checkout™
$0.20 + 2.0%

$0.45 + 5.5%


Easier for Newcomers to Personal E-Commerce

The Sitebuilder is easier for newcomers to Personal E-Commerce. The Sitebuilder integrates shopping with the regular content of the site. For most users, this is more intuitive than a "catalog" approach and grants more flexibility in laying out the descriptions of products. All of the product information is contained in the "Add to Cart" button which is automatically created by the Sitebuilder.

Start with a pre-fab shopping page in choice of layouts to help get started with the formatting of products. Users choose their card processor from a drop-down list. Enter text and pictures for each item with our regular rich text editing capability. There are no limitations on formatting or size. Double click on the Add to Cart button and use the form wizard displayed here to enter the details of the product. All of the account setup information is kept in one place so that it can be changed at any time without updating the Add to cart links. When the site is published it will link with the actual shopping cart and visitors may purchase the items.


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