Share your thoughts on the internet!
Get your own blog and post your thoughts and photos on the internet. Whether you're writing your own personal journal or looking to influence audiences, we have a blogging tool for you.

Select and easy install any or all our 4 different blogs.

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Installation is a snap with 1 click.

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With our Blog software you can:
  • Publish your thoughts, opinions, comments or stories -- anytime, day or night.
  • Post photos, images or animations - create a truly personal blog site.
  • Get feedback and have conversations with visitors to your site.


Share family photos and stories, promote your business or industry, tell the world about your hobby, discuss politics or religion. So go ahead and blog away.
Business Owners:
Build and edit a website with no HTML skills
Develop customer relationships
Post internal communications to keep employees in the loop
Have it pre-installed during signup - you'll be ready to go

Web Designers:
Allow clients to update site components themselves
Create and edit your site 'on the fly'
Add multiple WordPress sites to your account
Customize existing templates, or build your own
Permalinks supported - search engine friendly URLs

Community Groups:
Keep your group up-to-date on events and announcements
Have members post stories and pictures and comments
Exchange links with other relevant groups
Allow some users to manage the site and others to post only

Personal Users:
Share stories and photos of vacations, weddings and favorite pets
Brand yourself - post your portfolio and resume
Exchange links with the trackback system
Join millions of existing WordPress users


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